ERRA Online Training: Setting the Weighted Average Cost of Capital—A Practical Guide

This course will review one of the most critical regulatory determinations in the tariff setting process. The training will couple theoretical discussions determining the cost of debt and cost of equity of regulated licensees, and the manner in which these are optimally weighted to ensure an efficient and sustainable financing structure, with practical exercises and case-study examples from previous regulatory determinations.

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ERRA Online Training: Electricity Tariff Setting—A Practical Guide

This course is an opportunity for regulation and utility professionals to obtain a detailed insight into the allowed revenue calculation and electricity tariff-setting process. The course will be broken down in a step-by-step fashion to ensure trainees obtain a sound understanding of the fundamental objectives of price regulation and the techniques regulators employ to achieve them.

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9th ERRA Seminar on Energy Policy and Regulation for High-Level Policy Makers and Commissioners

The Seminar on Energy Policy and Regulation aims to bring high-level policy makers and newly appointed regulatory commissioners up-to-speed with the latest developments on energy and regulatory policy, enhancing their understanding of the industries they govern and ultimately improving their performance as regulatory policymakers.

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Specialised Training on Electricity Market Design and Renewables

8-10 September 2021


This tailor-made CEER online training programme is designed for experts from NRAs with a general background or previous experience in the electricity markets who would like to improve or update their knowledge and expertise in order to succeed with the implementation phase of the Clean Energy Package and the related electricity market design challenges. Other experts from European Institutions (ACER, European Commission) are also invited to attend.

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