Women in Energy Stories

Energy, like many other sectors, has a significant under-representation of women, particularly at senior level. This points to a significant under-utilization of talent. This women story-telling section of the ICER Chronicle shines a light on some inspiring stories by high achieving, but not necessarily high profile, women in energy.

October 2013, ICER launched a global initiative to help the career advancement of women, through practical tools and by seeking to change culture and attitudes. We have set up Women in Energy – the ICER International Network, a collaborative network for the benefit of women (at all levels). This growing global network helps women in energy regulatory authorities to forge personal contacts with their peers worldwide. It celebrates the diversity of cultures and professional experiences of the ICER global network as a means of sharing experiences and learning from each other.

The Special Collections of WIE stories as well as the dedicated women’s story-telling section of the ICER Chronicle are parts of our efforts to give greater visibility to women in energy, allowing women to share their stories and hopefully inspire others by their actions and experiences.  What rings through in all the WIE story submissions is the value of international contacts in enhancing knowledge and bringing fresh perspectives to improve work practices.

Interested in submitting a Women in Energy story to The ICER Chronicle?

Women in Energy Stories Collage

Share your professional expertise by submitting an article on regulatory issues or tell your story for the Women in Energy (WIE) Story section. Stories can be about anything relevant to WIE, such as challenges women have faced in their careers; pioneering work women have undertaken; obstacles women have overcome; and the lessons that can be shared.

Please refer to the WIE Story Guidelines. Submit your paper (as a Word document) and this form to chronicle@icer-regulators.net.