About Women in Energy

One of ICER’s general objectives is for regulators with different backgrounds and regulatory ways of working to share experiences and knowledge with a view to helping them improve their regulators practices.

Shaping our collective ambition for our Women in Energy initiative has been an opportunity to strengthen the glue that brings together the 200+ energy regulatory authorities that make up ICER. We hope to attract more women into energy regulation and to enhance the capacity of the women already working in energy.

ICER’s Women in Energy goal: the advancement of women working in energy, be it in industry in regulation or at a political level, by increasing the visibility of women in energy. For more on our strategy to achieve this, see the Strategy tab.

ICER WIE Vision:

ICER’s Women in Energy vision is for women to have equal opportunities, be empowered and have the self-confidence to succeed.

Our Values:

Members of the ICER WIE network share in it’s values:
– We are agents of change.
– We proactively promote the advancement of women in energy in their careers.
– We are inclusive.
– We respect diversity.
– We work together collaboratively.

Our Strategy:

Empowering women through practical tools and seeking to change culture and attitudes.

We believe that effective organisations can only benefit from growing the capabilities of their women. ICER’s WIE initiative helps give more visibility to women regulators (see the 20% female speaker target) and provides them with practical tools (mentoring, training, networking) that will help them in their careers. Changing attitudes may take some time to see results, but its impact should grow incrementally over time and across geographical borders.

Acknowledging our collective responsibility and defining our collective ambition for ICER’s women initiative were our first steps as agents of change.

We believe our goal is a compelling and realistic one. Regulators hope to lead by example, inspiring CEOs of energy firms, and political leaders to do likewise.

We invite our members and supporters (men and women) to share our values, collective vision and goals to help the advancement of women in energy.