ICER Welcomes RELOP as its Newest Member

HALIFAX (November 21, 2023) — The Association of the Portuguese-Speaking Energy Regulators, also known as RELOP, is the newest member of ICER. Founded in 2008, RELOP is an international organization that serves as a reference association among energy sector regulators.

Its mission is to promote cooperation and the sharing of experiences, inspiration and innovation in order to guarantee the protection of present and future consumers through a robust regulatory policy, integrating the community of Portuguese-speaking countries.

The founding members of RELOP consist of five energy regulators from Angola, Brazil, Cabo Verde and Portugal, who were later joined by Mozambique and São Tomé and Príncipe. It currently has 12 members and remains committed to extending membership to all energy regulatory bodies established in Portuguese-speaking countries.

RELOP’s values align with those of ICER in that it prioritizes cooperation among energy regulators as well as transparency, integrity and innovation among other characteristics. As a new member, RELOP will contribute toward ICER goals through encouraging energy regulators to exchange ideas, learn from each other’s experiences and practices, and inform customers, policymakers and the Portuguese-speaking community at large of the important role of energy regulation.

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