Introduction to Energy Regulation

ERRA Summer School  – Introduction to Energy Regulation

Budapest, 29th June – 4th July 2020

Economic, legal, technical and financial skills are central to the administrative and economic regulation of the public utilities. The constantly changing environment not only requires proper response from the regulatory side, it is also essential to be aware of the global trends in the energy sector. The current economic climate across the world and the emergence of renewable energy sources have pointed to the need of addressing recent technological innovations that demand a different approach to regulatory practice. Corresponding to these new challenges the training course aims to focus on some of the discussed topics from a “smart perspective”.

Course Objectives:

This 6-day training course will be organised into thematic modules focusing on the fundamental issues and global trends of energy sector regulation. The training program combines “classic” regulation under the traditional vertically integrated industry structure with up-to-date issues of regulation by discussing the topics from a “smart” point of view. The prime objective of the course is to provide basic technical, economic and legal regulatory skills that are needed to design and manage successful regulatory systems for the energy industry and at the same time provide insights to the recent challenges brought by stringent climate objectives and technological development.


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Retail and Wholesale Market Monitoring

CEER Online Training – Retail and Wholesale Market Monitoring

10th-12th June, 2020

• Review the retail market design in Europe, its new legal framework with the Clean Energy Package and the new challenges for regulators
• Exchange best practice of retail market monitoring, including national experiences from different countries covering practical approaches in data collection and analysis, indicators and metrics used for the national reports and ACER-CEER Market Monitoring Reports
• Apply the practical tools to self-assess the retail markets and identify the gaps in order to achieve the goals using the CEER’s roadmap to 2025 Well-Functioning Retail Energy Markets
• Explore the new tasks, challenges, potential problems and solutions of monitoring electricity and gas wholesale markets with the implementation of the Clean Energy Package in the context of market coupling and increasing competition and discover cases studies of wholesale market monitoring from different countries
• Participate in interesting discussions and course work to apply learning from these issues

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