2019 CAMPUT Annual Conference

It is scheduled to take place in Calgary, Canada on May 05-08, 2019.

Managing the Regulatory Range

CAMPUT’s annual conference is the pre-eminent energy regulatory conference in Canada. It brings the perspectives of regulators, regulated entities, consultants, consumer groups and academics to a single forum focused on addressing the most current topics in the national (and international) regulatory community.

The 2019 Conference will focus on how regulators, utilities, and consumers can best prepare for the many challenges that face the industry, including:

  • Emerging technologies
  • Striking the right balance: The relationship between regulators and government
  • New regulatory approaches
  • The role of public participation in the hearing process

Why should you attend:

  • Meet decision-makers and industry leaders
  • Exchange best practices
  • Update on recent developments
  • Debate latest ideas
  • Understand and prepare for challenges facing the sector

Presentations that will be given during the Conference will be made available after the event and attendees will receive notification via email of their location. Your conference materials available now include your program, biographies of the speakers and delegate roster along with general information for partners and guests. Enjoy the conference!

More information and registration here:


18th ERRA Energy Investment and Regulation Conference

It is scheduled to take place in Riga, Latvia on September 23-24, 2019.

The prestigious 18th ERRA Energy Investment and Regulation Conference will be held in Riga, Latvia in 2019.

This year’s event offers:

High-level presentations on the current status of the Baltic energy sector

Poster presentations of ERRA’s Regulatory Research Project

Networking opportunity with +100 regulators and regional industry players

 More information and registration here: https://erranet.org/conference/investment-conference-2019/?tab=event-home

4th ERRA Training Course of Fundamentals of Water Utility Regulation

It is scheduled to take place in Budapest, Hungary on March 25-29, 2019.

Course Objective:

The course features 5 days dedicated to the core responsibilities and activities of water utility regulatory authorities with regard to the oversight of the regulated utilities, principles and practices of tariff setting, performance benchmarking, and new developments in the regulation of the sector.

Participants will gain knowledge on key economic concepts guiding the operation of the sector, the challenges faced by sector participants including the wider problems of water management, and the role of the regulator and regulatory models including best practices. A core theme of the course is tariff setting and approval by the regulator: theoretical lessons will be supplemented by case study examples and a tariff setting exercise. Sufficient time will also be dedicated to the role of performance benchmarking in regulation.

Design of the Course:

Instructors of the course are a mix of utility regulators and researchers. The course is designed to assure the utmost transfer of practices and information from experienced regulators to course participants. This characteristic allows ERRA to design training courses that focus equally on practical application and theoretical methodology and include the transfer of relevant direct experience. In addition to the formal classes presented by the instructors, the course will feature preparatory homeworks, practical exercises, simulations, participant case studies and a final test.

Target Audience:

The course is available to practising water utility regulators and to non-regulators such as ministry and local government representatives, banking institutions, law and investment firms, consulting companies and regulated utility companies.

More information and registration here: https://erranet.org/training/4th-training-on-water-regulation/?tab=event-home

1st ERRA Educational Workshop of the System Flexibility Challenge

It is scheduled to take place in Budapest, Hungary on March 11-12, 2019.

The increasing ratio of intermittent renewable capacities (solar and wind) on the national and regional markets creates new system-regulation challenges.  The need and the value of flexibility increases in the electricity system. The new generation portfolio and the renewable influenced commodity (energy) prices squeeze out flexible (gas fired) power plant units. In this present and foreseen situation system operators should mobilize all possible sources and actions in order to keep the system balance and to ensure system regulation.

The massively increasing number of electric vehicles (EV) create further challenges for distribution network operators (DSO) and for system operators (TSO). The new charging infrastructure needs massive network development and the charging behaviour of EVs could create system imbalances and congestion problems in the distribution system. On the other hand the EV batteries, as element of distributed storage system could assist the system-operation, if technical conditions and incentives available.

Regulators should take into consideration these tendencies, new challenges, possibilities and changing consumer expectations while creating new network tariff structure and the necessary incentives. The regulator could also facilitate new technologies and innovative solutions through enabling regulatory attitude.

Major issues to be discussed

  • system integration of intermittent renewable generators,
  • system regulatory challenges,
  • flexible generation,
  • balancing, balance circles, cross-border balancing,
  • demand forecasting, flexible demand response,
  • aggregation, storage technology for system regulation purposes and regulatory measures supporting flexibility

 More information and registration here: https://erranet.org/training/system_flexibility_challenge_2019/

Western Conference 2019

It is scheduled to take place in Wyoming, USA on June 2- 5, 2019.

The Western Conference of Public Service Commissioners is a regional association within the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC). The objectives of the conference are:

To promote the best interests of the National Association; to contribute to the betterment of commission regulation through study and discussion;

To promote uniformity in the structure, terminology and coordination of regulation while honoring the public interests within the charge of each state commission; and

To promote cooperation of the member commissions with each other, with the National Association and its members and with the other regulatory agencies.More information and registration here: http://western.naruc.org/

2019 Winter Policy Summit

It is scheduled to take place in Washington, USA on February 10-13, 2019.

Join us for the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners’ Winter Policy Summit in Washington, D.C., from February 10 to February 13, 2019. The Summit will convene an array of speakers from federal agencies, industry, advocacy organizations, and more. The committee meetings and general sessions will provide the latest policy updates related to utility regulation. Key resolutions will be discussed and approved by the board of directors at the conclusion of the meeting.

More information and registration here: https://www.naruc.org/winter-policy-summit/2019/

ERRA’s 9th Training Course on Principles of Economic Regulation and Electricity Tariffs

ERRA’s 9th Training Course on Principles of Economic Regulation and Electricity Tariffs scheduled to take place

in Muscat, Oman on February 3-7, 2019

It is an opportunity to obtain a detailed insight into the allowed revenue calculation and electricity tariff-setting process. This important and technically complex role of regulators will be broken down in a step-by-step fashion, with a 5-day interactive training programme, to ensure trainees obtain a sound understanding of the fundamental objectives of price regulation, and the techniques regulators employ to achieve them.

The course will initially provide an overview of price regulation and examples of cases for regulatory intervention. This will be followed by discussions of wholesale market failures and international approaches towards wholesale price regulation and renewable energy pricing. Following a top-down approach, discussions will then focus on setting the revenue requirement, including detailed discussions on key regulatory input parameters such as WACC and methodologies for setting efficiency factors or loss targets. The course will then look into the process of allocating allowed revenues to cost and customer categories, and factors which regulators need to consider when designing network and retail tariffs. Finally, the course will be completed with an overview of targeted subsidy mechanisms which aim mitigate market distortions while protecting vulnerable customers.

The course is primarily designed for technical-level staff working in regulators or utilities but can also be suitable for policy-makers, commissioners and executives. As before, the roster of instructors will include world-renowned industry professionals and regulators, providing a diverse range of regulatory expertise and examples of international best practice.

We hope to see you in Muscat in February!

More information and registration here

Knowledge Exchange on Experimental Sandboxes to Enable Smart Grid Deployment

It will be held in Stockholm, Sweden on 1-3 April 2019.

The International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN) in partnership with International Confederation of Energy Regulators (ICER), organize the in-depth knowledge exchange event on models for regulatory (experimental) sandboxes to enable smart grid deployment.

This event is part of a broader scope of activities ISGAN is undertaking along with partner organizations to advance international dialogue around good practices and new approaches for innovative market and power system design needed to catalyze smart grid investments.

ISGAN is seeking smart grid experts from the regulatory, policy making and research communities to actively participate in our knowledge exchange initiative which will take place in conjunction with the ISGAN 17th Executive Committee meeting during the Stockholm Smart Grid week from.


Monday, 1 April 2019: Deep-dive interactive knowledge exchange (KTP) workshop including sharing and learning from examples and ideating new solutions.

Tuesday, 2 April 2019: ISGAN public workshop titled, The Future of Electricity Markets in a Low Carbon Economy, including topics on experimental sandboxes, flexibility & power system optimization, and digitalization.

Wednesday, 3 April: Technical visit to smart grid demonstration project.

We look forward to your participation!

More information: https://bit.ly/2ALuDm0

Registration: https://bit.ly/2ANoQMK

CAMPUT 2019 Energy Regulation Course

It will be held in Kingston, Ontario on 16-21 June 2019

CAMPUT’s annual Energy Regulation Course is specially designed for those who are new to the world of energy and utility regulation. Registration is open to everyone. So come back to school this summer, and join regulators, staff, and energy sector professionals at this intensive and dynamic five-day course.

Go to the CAMPUT website for program and registration details:

Program: https://bit.ly/2NcI5Ep

Registration: https://bit.ly/2GPoIA4

CEER- NARUC International Forum on Energy Digitalisation & Cybersecurity


It will be held in Brussels, Belgium, on 19 March 2019

This 2nd CEER-NARUC International Forum is an opportunity to discuss digitalisation and cybersecurity with international experts within and outside of the energy sector. Forum participants include regulators (energy, telecoms, etc.), utilities, academics, international bodies, policymakers, and consumer body representatives. CEER will launch its new digitalisation public consultation paper at the Forum.

The Forum on the morning of 19 March is aligned with the European Commission’s energy digitalisation event (separate registration via the European Commission website) that same afternoon in the same venue, making for a full day of discussions on energy digitalisation.

The regulators’ event will be followed by the European Commission’s (DG ENER) workshop on “Assessment and Roadmap for the digital transformation of the energy sector” that afternoon (14.00 – 17.00) in the same venue.

The event is open for all, but registration is required. As places are limited, you are advised to register soon here: