Annual OOCUR Conference 2018 Document Repository

ICER GO15 – Key enablers of the energy transition
ICER GO15 – The Electricity Market in Mexico
ICER GO15 – Regulatory themes in the evolving electricity environment
ICER GO15 – Modern Markets for New Technology
ICER GO15 – Transitioning to a Decentralised Low Carbon Power System
ICER GO15 – Topic: New Utility Business Models
ICER GO15 – An effective energy transition with a pragmatic approach to avoid bubbles
ICER GO15 – Pathways to a Low Emission Power System
ICER GO15 – Cigre Panel 1 Roles in the Future Grid
ICER GO15 – Key role of power systems in decarbonizing human activities
ICER GO15 – DER Supporting the Bulk Power System: New stakeholders and roles
ICER GO15 – About ICER Joint Workshop