The Gas Working Group (GAS WG) held a virtual meeting through video conference on 22 April to carry on with its planned 2020 deliverables, composing with the Coronavirus pandemic restrictions and consequences.

Indeed, due to the pandemic and resulting flight restrictions, the MEDREG Training on “Unbundling and TPA in gas and electricity markets” initially scheduled in Istanbul in March 2020 had to be postponed to a later stage.

With regards to the report on “Design Mechanism for Gas Market able to Foster Energy Transition”, which also forms part of the 2020 gas deliverables, the Group defined its structure. It will include the emergency measures National Regulatory Authorities took in the gas sector to counter the negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the gas markets.

As for the study visit foreseen for the Egyptian Gas Regulator (GASREG) to explore market monitoring of the transmission and distribution segments in the newly opened Egyptian gas market, the Group will decide whether to develop it physically or through digital means according to the evolution of the Covid Pandemic.

Finally, the 2020-2022 MEDREG Action Plan for the GAS WG and the UfM GAS platform 2020-2022 work program were presented to members, collecting feedback and suggestions on how to carry out the deliverables.

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