ERRA’s 9th Training Course on Principles of Economic Regulation and Electricity Tariffs

ERRA’s 9th Training Course on Principles of Economic Regulation and Electricity Tariffs scheduled to take place

in Muscat, Oman on February 3-7, 2019

It is an opportunity to obtain a detailed insight into the allowed revenue calculation and electricity tariff-setting process. This important and technically complex role of regulators will be broken down in a step-by-step fashion, with a 5-day interactive training programme, to ensure trainees obtain a sound understanding of the fundamental objectives of price regulation, and the techniques regulators employ to achieve them.

The course will initially provide an overview of price regulation and examples of cases for regulatory intervention. This will be followed by discussions of wholesale market failures and international approaches towards wholesale price regulation and renewable energy pricing. Following a top-down approach, discussions will then focus on setting the revenue requirement, including detailed discussions on key regulatory input parameters such as WACC and methodologies for setting efficiency factors or loss targets. The course will then look into the process of allocating allowed revenues to cost and customer categories, and factors which regulators need to consider when designing network and retail tariffs. Finally, the course will be completed with an overview of targeted subsidy mechanisms which aim mitigate market distortions while protecting vulnerable customers.

The course is primarily designed for technical-level staff working in regulators or utilities but can also be suitable for policy-makers, commissioners and executives. As before, the roster of instructors will include world-renowned industry professionals and regulators, providing a diverse range of regulatory expertise and examples of international best practice.

We hope to see you in Muscat in February!

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