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August 2017

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ICER Chair John W. Betkoski III provides an overview of this issue.

Women in Energy Story: Diana Day

San Diego Gas & Electric’s Diana Day offers a glimpse into her journey through the challenges and achievements of working in the demanding utility profession.

Women in Energy Story: Doina Vornicu

Romania’s Doina Vornicu discusses how she balances a successful energy career at the CEZ Group with family life.

Quality of Electricity Supply in Serbia and the Role of the Regulator

Milica Brkić-Vukovljak, Ljiljana Hadžibabić, and Ljubo Maćić

The authors present a short review of the quality of electricity delivery and supply that are monitored in Serbia.

Local Energy in a Transforming Energy System

Kevin Baillie, Christopher McDermott, Thomas Bearpark, and Karen Mayor

An assessment is presented of the GB system’s current local energy landscape and the market entry models that are emerging.

Energy Market Reform and Surveillance Commission in Japan

Takehiko Matsuo and Yutaro Fujimoto

The article provides an overview of energy market reform in Japan and explains the commission’s role and achievements.

Utilities, Regulators, and Cybersecurity: What Regulators Actually Need to Know

Andreas D. Thanos

The author presents an argument on the cybersecurity information most relevant for utility regulators.

Regulating ‘Energy Ladder’ Products and Services: Delivering Vital Energy Services Using Off-Grid, Mini-Grid, and Micro-Grid Power Systems

Tom Stanton and Erik E. Nordman, Ph.D.

A catalog is presented of some of the current technologies available for providing electricity services, whether or not interconnected to a larger utility grid, and offers an approach that regulators can take to prevent monopoly abuses.

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Edition 8 Call for Papers

ICER is now accepting submissions for the 8th Edition of the Chronicle, scheduled for publication in March 2018.

Call for Women in Energy Stories


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