Mediterranean Energy Regulators (MedReg)
MEDREG is the Association of Mediterranean Energy Regulators, born in 2007 under the Italian law. MEDREG promotes a transparent, stable and harmonized regulatory framework in the Mediterranean Region fostering market integration and infrastructure investments, as well as aiming to consumer protection and enhanced energy cooperation. MEDREG carries out its activities through a well-structured and effective internal cooperation process and external collaboration with energy stakeholders in the Mediterranean Basin, with the objective to implement the conditions for the establishment of a future Mediterranean Energy Community, based on a bottom-up approach. The Institution benefits from the support of its members and the European Commission
Chair: Alexandre Santos
Region: Mediterranean
Telephone: +39 02 655 65 563
Members: 25
  1. Albanian Energy Regulator Authority (ERE) – Albania
  2. Algerian Electricity and Gas Regulation Commission (CREG) – Algeria
  3. Autorité de Régulation des Hydrocarbures – Algeria
  4. State Electricity Regulatory Commission (SERC) – Bosnia and Herzegovina
  5. Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency (HERA) – Croatia
  6. Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA) – Cyprus
  7. Egyptian Electric Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency (EgyptERA) – Egypt
  8. Gas Regulatory Authority (GASREG) – Egypt
  9. Commission de régulation de l’énergie (CRE) – France
  10. Regulatory Authority for Energy – Greece
  11. Electricity Market Regulatory Authority – Israel
  12. Ministry of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources – Israel
  13. Autorità di Regolazione per Energia Reti e Ambiente (ARERA) – Italy
  14. Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission (EMRC) – Jordan
  15. Minestry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) – Jordan
  16. Ministry of Energy – Libya
  17. Malta Resources Authority (MRA) – Malta
  18. Montenegro Energy Regulatory Agency (REGAGEN) – Montenegro
  19. Ministère de l’Énergie , des Mines et du Développement Durable (MEM) – Morocco
  20. Palestinian Electricity Regulatory Council (PERC) – Palestine
  21. Entidade Reguladora dos Serviços Energéticos (ERSE) – Portugal
  22. Agencija za energijo / Energy Agency (AGEN) – Slovenia
  23. Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia (CNMC) – Spain
  24. Ministère de l’Industrie et de la technologie (MIT) – Tunisia
  25. Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) – Turkey