Transition Plans and Cost Recovery following the COVID-19 Pandemic

Transition Plans and Cost Recovery following the COVID-19 Pandemic

This webinar is the third from the Webinar Series on Implications of the Global Pandemic on Tariff Design and Utility Finances.

During this session expert panelists will discuss the following main topics:

  • What are the next steps as regulators and utilities transition out of the emergency phase during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Energy regulators have rules under which a utility can come in for an immediate rate increase due to its inability to pay all of its bills. While this has been invoked in the past, it is a very strict measure and requires full transparency of the utility’s financial situation. How will regulators deal with the potential for multiple utilities to potentially seek this type of support, all at the same time?
  • What constitutes a “fair and reasonable” rate of return during and following this global pandemic?
  • How does the regulator balance the needs of the utilities with consumers?

In Europe, regulators are adopting a “dynamic regulation” approach based on an interconnected energy system that is grounded on well-functioning markets. This type of system will function as a strong safeguard during the crisis, and will help to mitigate long-term impacts of the pandemic on consumers and the energy sector. Through their association, CEER, European energy regulators are sharing best possible scenarios for the phasing out of the transition period.

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