1st ERRA Educational Workshop of the System Flexibility Challenge

1st ERRA Educational Workshop of the System Flexibility Challenge

It is scheduled to take place in Budapest, Hungary on March 11-12, 2019.

The increasing ratio of intermittent renewable capacities (solar and wind) on the national and regional markets creates new system-regulation challenges.  The need and the value of flexibility increases in the electricity system. The new generation portfolio and the renewable influenced commodity (energy) prices squeeze out flexible (gas fired) power plant units. In this present and foreseen situation system operators should mobilize all possible sources and actions in order to keep the system balance and to ensure system regulation.

The massively increasing number of electric vehicles (EV) create further challenges for distribution network operators (DSO) and for system operators (TSO). The new charging infrastructure needs massive network development and the charging behaviour of EVs could create system imbalances and congestion problems in the distribution system. On the other hand the EV batteries, as element of distributed storage system could assist the system-operation, if technical conditions and incentives available.

Regulators should take into consideration these tendencies, new challenges, possibilities and changing consumer expectations while creating new network tariff structure and the necessary incentives. The regulator could also facilitate new technologies and innovative solutions through enabling regulatory attitude.

Major issues to be discussed

  • system integration of intermittent renewable generators,
  • system regulatory challenges,
  • flexible generation,
  • balancing, balance circles, cross-border balancing,
  • demand forecasting, flexible demand response,
  • aggregation, storage technology for system regulation purposes and regulatory measures supporting flexibility

 More information and registration here: https://erranet.org/training/system_flexibility_challenge_2019/