ICER Chronicle Edition 5

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Table of Contents
I. Foreword - 2
II. Editorial Board - 3
III. Women in Energy: Storytelling - 6
Commissioner Sherina Maye Edwards, U.S.A - 7
Marta García París, Spain - 10
IV. Spotlight on Smart and Strong Electric Power Infrastructure: Best Practice Shared from
ISGAN Annex 6 Case Book
Susanne Ackeby and Bo Normark - 12
V. Electric and Gas Utility Service Reliability
Upendra J. Chivukula - 19
VI. The Quantum Model: a Framework to Enforce Regulation and to Promote the Quality of
Public Services
Issao Hirata, Breno de Souza França, Camilla de Andrade Gonçalves Fernandes and
Alessandro D´Afonseca Cantarino - 23
VII. The Effect of the NERC CIP Standards on the Reliability of the North American Bulk
Electric System
Marlene Z. Ladendorff, Ph.D - 30
VIII. Regulatory Impact Assessments
Una Shortall - 33
IX. Efficient Data Exchange as a Prerequisite for a Prospering Electricity Market and as a
Facilitator for Smart Homes
Walter Boltz and Leo Kammerdiener - 43
X. In the Orbit of the European Gas World: a Brief Description of the Successful Launch of
the COSIMA Satellite Market
Johann Breitenfelder - 50
XI. ICER Reports - 53
XII. World Forum on Energy Regulation - 54