ICER Chronicle Edition 4

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Table of Contents

I. Foreword - 2

II. Welcome from the Editorial Board Chair - 3

III. Women in Energy Story Telling - 5

Pamela Frank, U.S.A - 6

Sheila Hollis, U.S.A - 10

IV. Universal Smart Energy Framework (USEF): One International
Common Standard for a

Unified Smart Energy System with Consumers at its Heart

By Jeroen Bode - 11

V. How Can Regulators Benefit from Independent Ombudsmen and
ADR Provide Expertise?

By Marine Cornelis - 18

VI. Realising the Potential of Guarantees of Origin to Empower

By Markus Klimscheffskij, Dirk van Evercooren and Phil Moody - 26

VII. The WACC Model in the Regulation of the Norweigan
Electricity Network Operators

By Tore Langset and Silje Catherine Syvertsen - 34

VIII. Energy Access as a Key Factor for Human Development: The
View of Mediterranean


By Veronica Lenzi, Nicolo Di Geatano - 43

IX. The Role of Improved Communication & Technology in
Enhancing Damage Prevention

Practices: Why use 20th Century Technology to combat 21st Century
Safety Challenges?

By Brigham McCown and Shane Skelton - 53

X. Energy Efficiency, DG Enabler and a Voltage Solution in
Search of a Regulator

By Maria Seidler - 62

XI. Electricity Markets are being Challenged

By Stephen Woodhouse and Kostas Theodoropoulos - 70

XII. ICER Reports - 77

XIII. World Forum on Energy Regulation VIIĀ - 78