ICER Chronicle Edition 2

ICER Chronicle Edition 2

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I. Foreward

II. Welcome from the Editorial Board Chair

III. Women in Energy Story Telling
Andrea Lenauer, Austria
Rebecca Wilder, USA

IV. How to Increase Cyber-security in the Power Sector: A Project Report from the Austrian Regulator
By Walter Boltz and Philipp Irschik

V. Getting it Right: Defining and Fighting Energy Poverty in Austria
By Walter Boltz and Florian Pichler

VI. Integrating Variable Renewable Energy in Electricity Markets: Best Practices from International Experience
By Jaquelin Cochran, Lori Bird, Jenny Heeter and Doug Arent

VII. The Integrated Grid: Realizing the Full Value of Central and Distributed Energy Resources
By Michael W. Howard

VIII. Energy Efficiency Potential in the U.S.: 2012-2015
By Sara Mullen-Trento, Chris Holmes and Omar Siddiqui

IX. Thinking Outside the Box: New Perspectives from the Paper Industry on Demand-side Flexibility
By Nicola Rega

X. Market-led Development of Transmission Networks: An Australian Case Study
By Stuart Slack

XI. Revealing Flexibility Value
By Stephen Woodhouse

XII. ICER Reports

XIII. World Forum on Energy Regulation VI

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